Frequently asked Questions

What do i get with my registration?

With every registration you receive canvas, paint and any utensils needed to complete the painting being instructed. Aprons are provided to attendees and instruction typically lasts two hours. You will also be given time after the instruction to put finishing touches on your masterpiece. Some special events may include additional items such as free drinks (such as Morning Mimosa events) with paid registrations. Please read the event announcement for any additional information or items included in the specific event.

How long does an event last?

Events typically last two hours. Some paintings do take a few minutes longer, and you will be given time after the instructed portion of the painting to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece. We also offer events for children that typically last one and a half hours.

Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions on any of our public events. Men, women and children of all ages are invited to attend! Please be aware that beer and wine is being served at all events including family events.

What time should i arrive?

We suggest arriving at least 15 minutes before the scheduled event to get a beverage of your choice, put on your apron (provided) and find your seat! All events will start at the scheduled time to ensure enough time to complete the painting. Please be seated and ready to go at the scheduled time.

What should i wear?

The paint being used for all paintings is acrylic paint. This paint is not extremely forgiving on clothing. Aprons are provided, but be aware that this paint can stain clothing.

Can i bring in outside food or drinks?

BYOB of any sort is not allowed. Beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at all times the studio is open. Events can be catered by you (or someone of your choosing), or through us at an additional cost. The Wet Paintbrush strictly follows all state and local liquor laws. Please bring your ID!

Do i have to register for an event to enter the studio?

The studio is open to all during public events and registering for a painting event is not required. Anyone can come and enjoy the atmosphere and relax in our lounge area while enjoying a beer or glass of wine (the studio is typically only open around scheduled public events). During private events, the studio is only available to invitees of the private event.

What if I can't make it to the event I registered for?

Reservations will be processed immediately. We know plans can change and we are able to move your reservation to a different event if you wish. To cancel or change a reservation please contact us. Full refunds will be processed up to three (3) days before the scheduled event. Refunds requested less than three (3) days prior to event will be subject to a 50% fee.

Public Event Cancellations

We apologize for any cancellations on our part. Events require at least four enrollments the day of the event in order for the event to occur. If you are registered for any event that gets cancelled, we will contact you to try to schedule you into a different event or process a refund.